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Duration: 90 minutes
Access to content
Access to content: 1 week
Modality: virtual
Language: English
Scheduled Activities
Scheduled Activities: no
Target Participants
Target Participants: gastroenterologists and surgeons trained in colonoscopy

TOD early CRC. What you need to know is the platform’s main programme. It is a highly specialised virtual training course that provides theoretical knowledge and multiple tips and tricks to implement optical diagnosis of early CRC in clinical practice.

Scientific evidence of optical diagnosis with zoom or magnification in Japanese reference centres has shown high effectiveness in predicting the histology and, therefore, selecting the indication for advanced endoscopy treatments (such as submucosal endoscopic dissection, piecemeal, endoscopic mucosal resection) and surgery.

TOD early CRC platform aims to improve optical diagnosis of early colorectal cancer and estimate the histology in lesions found during a colonoscopy so that, based on the colonoscopy report, the endoscopist and a multidisciplinary committee may make a treatment decision considering other patient-related and local factors.

The content of the platform is aligned with the recommendations of international guidelines such as ESGE, ASGE, and JGES. This might help homogenise and centralise advanced procedures to offer optimal treatment to each patient.

Duration: 90 minutes (estimated time).

Modality: Online, asynchronous. The course does not include scheduled activities and content can be accessed at any time.

Language: English.

Access to contents: user access will expire 1 week after the subscription.

Target participants: gastroenterologists and surgeons trained in colonoscopy.

Endorsement: the course is endorsed by the Spanish Association of Gastroenterology (AEG), the Spanish Society of Digestive Endoscopy (SEED), and the Pan-American Gastroenterology Organisation (OPGE).

Cost: free.

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M1. Decision-making in the treatment of colorectal polyps. Is there room for improvement?

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